Using Any File Format for the Made2Manage CAD Images

  • November 10, 2011
  • Tim Harrison

The Made2Manage (M2M) ERP system lets you attach 3 CAD Images to your item master. Like so:

These image locations get copied to jobs in production. Like so:

The problem is that M2M will try to open these CAD Images using a single application that you configure in your user management. The assumption is that we will only put CAD files there and so we just need to tell M2M where our CAD program is.

We want to put PDFs and images and CAD files there. If you’ve read this far, you probably do too. So here’s what we put in our User Management:

We’ve created a little start.bat script that will launch whatever we want. You ready for the brilliance of start.bat? Brace yourself. Seriously…

Yup. It’s that awesome. The entire file contents are “%1” without the quotes. I’m no windows expert, but I think it’s the equivalent of just double-clicking the file. Let windows figure out what app to launch to view your file.

That’s all. I hope this helps.